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Bands:  NOFX, Parasite, Disrupt
Venue:  Unknown
Location:  L.A. California
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Bands:  NOFX, Parasite, Disrupt
Venue:  Unknown
Location:  L.A. California
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Bands:  dibuk, sin remedio, opoosition, terrorism, parade of decapitated midgets, runamuck, traumatized, feeble attempt, escuadron de la muerte
Venue:  6:30 @ 2005 Barnett Way
Location:  los angeles, 90032 California
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Bands:  Drain Bramaged, Pennywise, Us Bombs, Shattered Faith, DI
Venue:  The Grove
Location:  Anaheim California
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Bands:  Lo$e Money, Kill You All, Mister Meaner, Buckshot Short, Potluck, The Caps, The PettyFords, National Prouduct, Power of One
Venue:  Kailua High School
Location:  Kailua Hawaii
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Bands:  CKY, Lo$e Money, Hellbound Hounds, Potluck
Venue:  Unknown
Location:  Unknown Hawaii
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Bands:  Blue Collar Special, Flogging Molly, Youth Brigade, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Pistol Grip
Venue:  Knitting Factory
Location:  Hollywood California
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Bands:  Pica, The Slobs, Le Joshua, Barbie and the Hookers, All Out Attak, The Howl, 2nd Hand Justice
Venue:  Westchester Sports Grill
Location:  Westchester California
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Bands:  Mad Society, Plugz, Circle Jerks, Black Flag
Venue:  Vex / Vernon Auditorium
Location:  East Los Angeles California
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Bands:  The Psychotics, Walk The Line, The Takedowns, Playhat
Location:  LOS ANGELES California
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Bands:  Jumbo Size, the Kissfits, Zero Limit, Primed
Venue:  Di piazzas
Location:  Long Beach California
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Bands:  Minor Threat, Fifth Column, Personality Crisis, Dead Kennedys
Venue:  On Broadway
Location:  Unknown
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Curtis Eller
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